"The Human being is still very far from truly - knowing thyself. We know the least of all about - thyself. I always see this image in my mind, that we are like a midget in front of a Giant. The Giant - it is us, what we can be, what we can and should become. And the midget - it is what we are Now, in this social order, in this society, what we are tough and trained to do, and worst of all - made believe, convinced, that this is us. No need to yarn for more. Yet I believe, and this belief is grounded upon decades of experience, study, knowledge and work with people, that it is very difficult indeed to truly - Enter Thyself.

You know, at the end of the 19th century, there was created a certain propaganda campaign, under an immortal motto - "Path to thyself". And it was genius. Why it was genius? Well, because it undermines, that "thyself" I must seek not in "me" but rather somewhere else, somewhere far. Thus I need guidance on this distant journey and a guide who will lead me there. And a great many were tempted by this idea, and went on this journey to the "unknown thyself".

Yet I am convinced, that the sacred path - is the path inside You. Within Thyself.

The Temple is Within You. And I believe in it full heartedly. The most important of all, is for an artist not to fall into this false trap, but to conquer this false belief, stating that all which we need and look for dwells outside of us. No, it dwells within us. All which we need, the most precious essence of all - is Within Us, in our subjective being.

And to express this belief and inner life's knowledge of mine, with all possible means, be it: art, music, theater, film, writing etc, - became the meaning of my external life."

Igor Kalinauskas

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