mystery of time (magician's office)


Oil, canvas
4 canvases 200x100 cm (6,56 x 3,28 feet); 4 canvases 80x80 cm (2,62 x 2,62 feet);
1 canvas 150x150 cm (4,92 x 4,92 feet).

Mystery of Time or Magician's Office

The spectators are shown a picture of stagnation which is like a source for the stream of time some The flashes of the time-space produce a magic impact on the viewer. This is a picture-rnystagogy which reveals the things that were hidden from human eyes. The visual alternation of painting conveying the "flashes" and "flows" of tune creates a very specific rhythm. The latter immerses us into a magic dream. Left behind the scenes the figure of the magician appears central. Just like the Creator of all the existing withdrawn from his creation, a magician is learned only through his manifestations.

We hope, the video will help you not only to see but also to feel what is consisting under those unique paintings.

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