"No one can call Igor Kalinauskas an artist in the simple sense of the word. He is a theatrical director, a philosopher, a professional psychologist, and a musician. Quite like a man from the Renaissance, Igor Kalinauskas easily and skillfully manages to express his abilities in completely different areas.

It has not been long since he first became seriously engaged in the arts – just about fifteen years ago. For Igor, art became the limited continuation of his multi-dimensional activity, another means to reveal his knowledge about people as well as the world around him. And it turns out, according to the artist, “the hand knows exactly what to do with the brush.” It seems that in his creations, Kalinauskas does not depend on any influences. So truly original are his works. Maybe because the artist has his own special inner vision, allowing him to see things that others simply cannot.

The creations of Igor Kalinauskas are colorful, vibrant, and expressive, often consisting of many levels with their expressive textures. The artist bravely lives in many genres: starting with portraits and landscapes all the way through to religious images which could easily find their places in the environment of a modern Christian chapel.

For several years Igor, with great success, has worked in the portrait genre. In this he is not only interested in capturing the physical features of the model, but also in looking deeply into his/her inner essence. Thus the artist calls these works “portraits of essence.” And the actual process of his drawing a portrait closely resembles a talk with a psychologist.

Kalinauskas shows equal enthusiasm in painting abstract works, in which, according to the artist, he brings forth the energy of time and space. These colorful and emotional compositions with cosmic signs and symbols look like art from the future.

Despite the fact that paintings by Igor Kalinauskas are not simple in perception, having multiple levels of meaning and being filled with their own complex symbols, they quickly find their way into the heart of the viewer – both professionals and connoisseurs of arts alike. The energy of the colors and shapes has such a strong influence on people that it elicits a multitude of emotions. And so we can see the birth of a dialogue between the artist and the viewer, without which there could perhaps be no art."

Sarunas Peckus, art review, Vilnius, Lithuania

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