Igor Kalinauskas' works display in Zurich from August 17 till August 21 (2011).

A minor vernissage of a Russian artist Igor Kalinauskas has closed in Zurich this week. Its opening in a small gallery in the heart of the old town, lost in the labyrinth of ancient houses, making it even more intimate, gathered – as the organisers stated – about a hundred visitors. They all had come to enjoy the works of the author – the brush and voice masterpieces. It is hard to imagine them housed in this two-storey building, but the reason for them to be here is clear to anyone, who has seen the master's works.

I see people in the street from afar, approaching the gallery. They are in their evening wear, holding glasses of champagne. They speak different languages – English, German, French, Russian – discussing one and the same thing: "wandering stars" of Igor Kalinauskas.

Such was the title, given to this personal exhibition of the artist, where he presented his nine works, canvases, carefully painted circles. His pictures leave the audience cold-minded only at a distance. His "wandering stars" are piercing comets, getting into your heart and leaving their splinters – flashes of emotion – in your soul.

They are multifaceted and versatile. They talk to you in their own "silent language", making you lose track of time. They cloak you in their energy and conciliation. Standing in front of them like at a confession leaves your mind blank but for the only question, "How can I put into words the feeling, born within myself at the sight of Igor Kalinauskas' pictures?" This feeling is eternity, made not just of brushes and paints, but also of the multitude of personalities, combined in one and the same person.

Kalinauskas – Silin – Nikolaev

The virtual acquaintance with the author during the interview and its preparation long before the exhibition itself allowed me to get to know the author in person, putting in words all my thoughts of him. I meet the master in the veranda – modest, wearing a vest and a cap, he is smiling to everyone. His look is cordial and positive. His voice is calm, joyful and filled with the love of life, here and now. There he is – the person, combining a number of professions and stage-names, the master, showing the world to his "stars".

Igor Kalinauskas is a master of moral tradition, the leader and one of the participants of "Zikr" vocal duo, an artist, poet, stage director, philosopher, practising psychologist, member of "Management, information technologies and communications in the society and nature" UNESCO International Academy, honoured president of the International Academy of Science and Culture, full member of International Informatization Academy, holding PhD in psychology and socionics, the author of numerous books and a very attractive person. He mirrors his pictures and they mirror him.

What did it all come to? What was the outcome?

"They have a rather strange story – my stars – they are living a life of their own. I saw them, started painting and left standing in my studio for nearly three years. We went to exhibitions and vernissages, but the pictures were not taken, they stayed with me. And then all of a sudden they were sold out – all at a time. I called them "space embryos", but the exhibition managers decided they needed a more harmonious name – so they became "wandering stars". But to tell you the truth – it is music. The music of our "Zikr" duo (Igor is a poet and a composer in the vocal improvisation duo, known under the stage name of Silin – E.J.), where I work with Olga Tkachenko, expressed in painting. Just imagine a certain laser "reader" able to read their music – they are real records!" I look at the pictures and in fact – their edges are rough, clearly marking the borders, and there are tracks round the circle. Just take them and play!

But how did the pictures get their present look?

"I have already had series. I used to paint smells – the smell of coffee, for example," Igor goes on with his story, "I used to exhibit my pictures in the centre of Rolan Bykov, Moscow. But then I understood that it is not smells I should paint. I should paint music, reflecting our gift. We have been singing for 18 years already, with 22 studio disks recorded. We should put our voice theatre on canvas. I tried it – and it came out well. And I am really happy about it".

Could you say a couple of words about yourself, please? What kind of a person are you? Your stage-names or characters – Nikolaev and Silin – are they your "self"? Why do you need so many last names?

I see myself alive, clever, strong and kind. I try to feel and see rather than reason. I am doing my best not to lose the relish for life. And, I believe, I get much more. As for my stage-names – it's a rather long and confusing story. Once I had to change my last name for the sake of my son – that was because of certain difficulties with the Soviet authorities. I also have a stage-name Silin – that is my mother's last name. I use this stage-name to perform free vocal compositions with Olga Tkachenko, my "Duo Zikr" partner.

Three last names are three personalities. Kalinauskas is an expert in constructive psychology, consulting, holding workshops, writing books – in a nutshell, a scientist. Silin is a singer, extemporizer, employing Kalinauskas' "Fire flower" technique for the music of states. Nikolaev is a stage director. As for the artist's personality – I identify it as INK. They are all one and indivisible in their pursuit of revealing the eternity of a human soul.

You have launched a number of projects. Which of them are your favourites and why?

I have three favourite "children". Naturally, they are painting, singing and practical psychology. Each of them is my inner world facet, helping me tell people about their magnificence. I'm trying to tell my audience, "Discover your greatness and versatility, do not be afraid to cross the border of being as such". As they used to say in older times, "Those who are scared are imperfect in love". Like any artist, I would like to reveal the eternity of a human soul, its colours, space and powers in my works and put it on canvas.

You are in permanent search. You have tried your potential in a number of spheres and have even more in mind. What are you looking for in life and art? What have you already found?

I search for and sometimes find the life of human spirit. I am trying to feel and see it and the way it shows in people's lives. I see myself as a person striving to fulfil himself in all aspects of his existence. I am trying to be in resonance with the reality and show what this state leads me to. Now I'm going to try myself as a photography artist.

When you are with Igor Kalinauskas, time just flies by. We are talking about everything that comes to our mind and the words snow. His eyes are shining and his voice sounds like that of a real story-teller, whose words are hard to turn away from. I believe it is always like that with people who put their heart and soul into whatever they do. In this case the outcome is also worth sharing. Igor shares his pictures, books, plays and lectures. He shares his smile and the unbelievable feeling of happiness, as light as air and dissolved in it. He gives away his pictures, letting his stars go. God-speed to them!

Elena Jetpyspaeva, art reporter, "Nasha Gazeta"

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